Innovative design as the biggest challenge

According to Marijana Vreteničić, CEO at Soho Gradnja and Chief Civil Engineer on the project, "modern architectural design of the buildings entails a complex geometry of construction elements, which, with an atypical ground floor height of almost 6 meters, makes this project challenging at the rough construction stage as well. When it comes to finishing works, aluminium balcony doors and windows with thermal insulation and low-emission glass will make up 80% of the façade. Three internationally recognized designers will work on the interior of our standard apartments, where the emphasis is placed on the Mediterranean style. In this regard, we have selected a number of renowned brands to be part of this interior, such as Marazzi, Villeroy&Boch and Grohe."

YTONG building blocks

YTONG is a foam concrete building material, whose characteristics and modern manufacturing technology guarantee its quality. YTONG is a highly thermally insulating material. This means that you save energy on both heating and cooling while enjoying the comfort of your home, without having to lose useful surface in your apartment due to the need for an additional thermal insulation layer. YTONG is by no means harmful to the environment. All the materials used in its production are completely natural: quartz sand, cement, lime and gypsum. YTONG blocks ensure optimal temperature and humidity ratio, as well as more comfort in your living space. YTONG products have excellent acoustic performance, allowing you to enjoy a good, sound night's sleep. YTONG is made of mineral raw materials and is absolutely non-combustible. Thanks to their low weight and properties, YTONG blocks take seismic forces from all directions and are earthquake resistant. YTONG blocks are manufactured in accordance with strict regulations, and meet high DIN (Euro) quality standards.


Manufacturing of Lamar parquet is the main activity of the Samatini company. One of its bestsellers is a new generation of wood floors: 3-ply parquet flooring. The process of wood drying in the production of Lamar parquet takes 6-8 weeks and takes place in modern dryers. In this way, the end-user is guaranteed a safe and top-quality product without disturbing the natural quality of the wood. This 3-ply parquet is made up from solid oak as a top layer, a middle layer which is a softwood core, and a bottom layer of hard durable plywood. These three layers all run perpendicular to the next and are bonded together with adhesive under high pressure, to create a strong, stable and secure plank of engineered wood flooring. The thickness of the top layer is 6mm, which allows it to be sanded down and re-treated to look as good as new and last a lifetime. Thanks to its composition, 3-ply parquet flooring is more resistant than solid wood flooring to the influence of various factors, such as moisture in the substrate or in the air, and also has significantly better sound and thermal insulation. Elegant and welcoming, LAMAR parquet flooring enhances the warmth of any home and complements the decor of any room.

Ceramic tiles

Marazzi is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ceramic and granite tiles. Their experience began in 1935 and today they are the world's largest flooring manufacturer listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Among numerous patents, Monocottura stands out (process in which individual tiles are shaped, glazed and fired in one step at 1250oC) as the most widely used manufacturing technology in the world today. It guarantees ease of maintenance with its B/R11 floor slip resistance rating. The quality of larger sized tiles as well as the durability due to the aforesaid revolutionary glaze, superior in technical terms, makes Marazzi ceramics highly resistant to wear and staining. Additionally, tile design creates a pleasant ambience contributing to the overall aesthetic without being overpowering. Cooperation between Marazzi Group and Ferrari salons is yet another proof of their quality. Marazzi has LEED, GreenGuard and Ecolabel certifications.


In addition to the aesthetics of the selected materials, we have also devoted considerable attention to the essential, but less visible plumbing. In selecting the most efficient piping, we decided to install Phonoline 12 dB soundproof drainage system, manufactured by REDI Italy, as well as multilayer composite pipes with 9mm thermal insulation for cold, hot and recirculated water. Concealed toilet cisterns are manufactured by the German company Grohe. Shower drains to be installed in the shower cabins are manufactured by Alcaplast and have a dry siphon with a seal, which prevents drain odours in the bathroom. All these products have a number of references in Montenegro as well as globally, and were installed in several renowned Montenegrin hotels such as 5-star Riviera hotel in Petrovac, 4-star Budva hotel in Budva, 5-star Iberostar Jadran hotel in Perast and many others.


Villeroy & Boch - an exclusive sanitary ware manufacturer - is a renowned innovative porcelain factory and a leading brand in Germany. Established in 1748, Villeroy & Boch raised its production of sanitary ware to the level of the leading international Lifestyle brand. This company has long been synonymous with exceptional quality, innovative design and timeless elegance. Flawless functionality, famous design and superb porcelain provide neutral look and soft lines suitable to any bathroom style.

Split system

All air conditioning systems are manufactured by the Arcelik Group. The split system implies an air conditioner consisting of one external unit and one or more indoor units. Inverter uses technology that reduces energy consumption thanks to its efficient engine speed control. The main advantage of the split system is a significant reduction in energy consumption - up to 40%; also, connecting all indoor units to only one exterior unit does not affect the aesthetic appearance of the façade. As the indoor units operate individually, it is possible to control the temperature in each room separately.

Floor heating

Magnum Heating is a leading Dutch manufacturer of electric floor heating. Advanced floor installation is placed before the screed so that it heats the entire substrate and keeps heat for a long time. Such a system represents the most efficient type of heating because the entire process takes place at a low temperature reaching a maximum of 24ºC. A very large heated surface provides an even distribution of warm air from the floor to the ceiling and ensures the most optimal heating of the rooms. Since the peripheral blood vessels in the feet are furthest from the heart making it difficult to keep the feet warm, underfloor heating system provides the most optimal heating tailored to the human body.

Windows and balcony doors

Special attention was paid to the selection of quality balcony doors and windows which make up 80% of the façade. Aluminium windows and doors to be installed are manufactured by the Alumil company. Aluminium profiles are joined by the cold-welding process, creating thus ideal angles. A new generation of ALU windows and doors with a thermal break has significant thermal insulation Uf = 1.4W/m2K, and is suitable for low-energy facilities. Sound insulation is achieved by the thickness of the glass - a double-glazed window with one 4mm-thick pane and one 6mm-thick pane has a sound insulation of 33dB. In addition, balcony doors and windows incorporate low emissivity glass (4mm Float Glass + 16mm cavity + 6mm Low-E Glass), and thus additionally improve the convenience of your home. Window blinds will also be aluminium. The colour of the windows and balcony doors will be anthracite matte grey.

Tesla smart home

Wherever you are, home is in the palm of your hand. Intelligent systems are a blend of technology and lifestyle. With a single click on your iOS or Android device, you can control the Smart System in your home - air conditioning, TV, lights, boiler, home appliances, etc., which enables optimum use of energy, comfortable house management and reducing power consumption by up to 50 %. Also, each apartment will have an emergency call button with pull cord in bathrooms and a welcome light at the entrance. Smart home system increases the worth and safety of your home, making it more comfortable to live in, and more valuable to rent out.

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